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Funniest Excuses for Being Late: Stories You Won’t Believe!

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Have you ever had to devise an excuse (good or lame) for being late to work? Surely you’ve been late to work at least once, maybe you don’t have to answer to anyone or are impossibly efficient or have a strict honesty policy.

Even if that’s the case and you can’t relate, some of the excuses people who need them make for being late are wild.

Ranging from pet trouble to supernatural events, the funniest excuses for being late often don’t make sense.

funniest excuses for being late while on a train

This article will share some hilarious tardiness explanations, amusing late-arrival stories, and side-splitting tales of unpunctuality. Get ready to laugh at the wit and creativity behind these comical reasons for delays and laughable justifications for lateness. You’ll be surprised as we go through the funniest excuses for being late.

Laugh-Out-Loud Tardiness Tales

Being late can lead to some pretty funny excuses. From wild to weird, employees share their giggle-worthy alibis for late arrivals. These stories are sure to make you laugh.

Witty Justifications for Unpunctuality

A worker was seven minutes late because her cat had the hiccups. “I couldn’t leave till the Sedrick was better”

Another said ” I thought I won the lottery, was deciding how to quit my job”

Some have claimed their car keys were stolen by a fox. Another said they were late for work because they were checking on new baby goats.

These humorous accounts of tardiness show how far people will go to avoid being late. Whether it’s struggling with life, dealing with wardrobe malfunctions, or running into unexpected animals, the excuses are both laughable and relatable.

Knee-Slapping Stories of Lateness

Some reasons for being late will have you spanking your knees in amusement.

Like finding a metal ladder blocking the road. Or removing a squirrel from their car or checking on a stray dog.

These side-splitting tales of unpunctuality are not just funny. They show the challenges of being on time in a chaotic world. Whether it’s a broken garage door opener remote or a hairbrush getting stuck while blow-drying, these hilarious tardiness explanations remind us that being late can happen to anyone.

 Tales as funniest excuses for being late

Hilarious Reasons for Delays

Imagine an employee who said their leg got stuck between a train and the platform. Or another who was late because of a job interview. And then there was the person lost in the fog while rowing to work. These stories are so ridiculous, they’ll make you laugh.

But the excuses keep getting crazier. Some blame being late on a prime minister’s motorcade or being questioned by armed police. Another said they were late because they auditioned for X Factor instead of coming to work.

These stories show how creative some employees are with their excuses. From a bad experience at a Turkish takeaway to the flu that kept them out for three days, the reasons are both funny and unexpected.

Some excuses are even more out there. Like a broken handbrake or a visit from the mortgage broker. And then there was the employee who stayed home to keep a snake warm because the heating was off. These stories are truly hilarious.

Some excuses are just too funny. Like getting locked in your own car trunk or stopping to buy breakfast for a homeless person. These stories show how unexpected things can make us late. They also highlight the creativity and humor in the workplace.

funniest excuses for being late

We’ve all been there – the alarm didn’t go off, the traffic was a nightmare, or your car simply refused to start. Some employees take tardiness excuses to a whole new level. They come up with hilarious and unbelievable stories for being late. From sabotaged alarm clocks to wildlife encounters, these amusing late-arrival stories and side-splitting tales of unpunctuality are sure to leave you giggling.

Amusing Late Arrival Stories

One worker said their alarm clock was unplugged by their playful pet. Another claimed just as they made their way out the door, they were held up by a police investigation because they witnessed the neighbor’s arrest. Others blame their tardiness on things like a sudden tree allergy

Some employees get really creative with their excuses. They come up with witty excuses for being behind schedule that are out of this world. For example, one worker was late because they had to attend their pet chicken’s “funeral.” Another said they were busy “honoring” the death anniversary of their rat.

Side-Splitting Tales of Unpunctuality

The excuses keep getting better. Humorous accounts of tardiness include a worker who got stuck in their car boot…bet you’re taking a minute for this one. There wasn’t an explanation of how that came to be, they just stated that.

 Another was attacked by a deer. And a student broke their arm during a fake earthquake.

There’s also the employee who was late because they were watching a pizza in the oven. Or the one who couldn’t turn on their camera for a virtual meeting because their grandma was walking around naked.

These giggle-worthy alibis for late arrivals and knee-slapping stories of lateness show how creative tardy workers can be. They reveal the unexpected obstacles and distractions they face on their way to work. Whether it’s a wildlife encounter, a wardrobe malfunction, or a household mishap, these comical reasons for delays and laughable justifications for lateness are sure to make you laugh.

Amusing late arrival stories help as excuses for being late

Comical Explanations That Defy Logic

Employees often come up with illogically comical excuses for being late. They might say their driveway vanished in the rain or they were waiting for a family member to hang pictures.

Or they walked into a spider web on the way and they just had to find the spider responsible for a web that big and powerful. These comical reasons for delays show how far people will go to avoid blame.

Imagine a parent who was 40 minutes late dropping off their kid at school. They might say, “Life is hard, I’m trying,” or “I spilled yogurt and sat on eight blueberries.” Others just blame traffic, but some come up with wild stories.

These stories highlight the daily struggles parents face. Things like kids causing unexpected delays lead to humorous accounts of tardiness. These stories of lateness show how desperate some people are to be on time. They also add humor to the funniest excuses for being late.

Studies show that humor is a big part of our lives. It can come from enjoying others’ mistakes or finding humor in unexpected things. Another theory is that we laugh when something breaks the usual rules in a safe way.

These laughable justifications for lateness help us laugh at the stress of being late. They also show the creative and side-splitting tales of unpunctuality that make work more enjoyable.


In this article, we looked at some funniest excuses for being late. We also covered hilarious tardiness explanations and amusing late-arrival stories. These comical reasons for delays and laughable justifications for lateness show how creative people can be to avoid being late.

Some of these witty excuses for being behind schedule and giggle-worthy alibis for late arrivals are really funny. But, being late often can cause big problems at work. To fix this, employers might use clocking-in machines to help everyone be on time and work better together.

This article gave us a fun look at the unexpected things that can make us late. By understanding these comical reasons for delays, we can be more kind to employees who are late. This helps us find better ways to deal with tardiness.

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