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Uncover ‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating: A Guide for Parents

the sleepover age rating

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As a parent, it’s important to make informed decisions when it comes to the movies your family watches. That’s why we’re here to provide a comprehensive guide on the age rating of the movie ‘The Sleepover.’ In this article, we’ll provide all the information you need to know, including ratings from various organizations, content warnings, and talking points for family discussion. So if you’re wondering if ‘The Sleepover’ is suitable for your family, keep reading!

The sleepover age rating is a crucial aspect that parents should consider before allowing their kids to watch the movie. We will reveal the official MPAA rating for the movie and explain what it means in terms of age appropriateness. We’ll also explore Common Sense Media’s rating for ‘The Sleepover,’ which may provide additional guidance for parents.

'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

But that’s not all; we’ll also discuss any content warnings or advisory notes associated with the movie. We want to ensure that parents are aware of any mature or potentially sensitive content that may be in the movie. Additionally, we’ll provide some suggested talking points and discussion topics that parents can explore with their children after watching the movie.

If you’re still not sure if ‘The Sleepover’ is the right choice for your family, we’ve got you covered. In the review section, we’ll share thoughts from critics and audiences, so you can gain insights into the general reception of the movie and consider different perspectives before making a decision.

With this article, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether ‘The Sleepover’ is suitable for your family. Let’s get started with the age rating.

What is ‘The Sleepover’ about?

‘The Sleepover’ is a family-friendly action-comedy movie about two siblings, Clancy and Kevin, who discover that their seemingly boring mom is a former high-end thief who has been in the witness protection program for years. When their mom is kidnapped by old enemies, Clancy and Kevin team up with their best friends to rescue her.

'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

The movie is full of twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The clever plot, combined with hilarious jokes and impressive stunts, make ‘The Sleepover’ a must-watch for families looking for a fun time.

MPAA Rating for ‘The Sleepover’

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has given ‘The Sleepover’ a PG rating for action and some rude humor. This means that the movie may contain some content that parents may find unsuitable for younger children.

According to the MPAA, a PG rating suggests that some material in the movie may not be suitable for children, and parents should provide guidance and supervision. PG-rated movies may involve some themes or elements that could require parental explanation and discussion.

In the case of ‘The Sleepover,’ the action may involve perilous situations, high-speed chases, and fighting. The rude humor may include jokes or dialogue that may be considered inappropriate or offensive for some viewers. Therefore, the MPAA recommends that parents provide guidance and supervision for children under the age of 10.

'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

Overall, the MPAA rating for ‘The Sleepover’ acknowledges that the movie may not be appropriate for all age groups, and parents should exercise discretion when deciding whether to watch it with their children.

Common Sense Media Rating for ‘The Sleepover’

In addition to the MPAA rating, ‘The Sleepover’ has also been rated by Common Sense Media, a well-respected organization that provides age recommendations and content advisories for movies and other media. According to Common Sense Media, ‘The Sleepover’ is recommended for viewers ages 10 and up, with a “parental discretion advised” caution.

The organization notes that the movie contains some mild language, violence and peril, and some suggestive content, including a scene in which two characters kiss. Common Sense Media also mentions a few instances of product placement.

'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

As always, Common Sense Media’s ratings are intended to provide guidance and facilitate informed decision-making, but parents should use their discretion and consider their own child’s maturity level when deciding if ‘The Sleepover’ is suitable for their family.

Content Warnings and Parental Advisory

Parents should be aware of some specific content warnings and advisory notes that come with ‘The Sleepover.’ The movie features some mature and potentially sensitive content, which may not be suitable for all ages.

The movie contains mild violence, including some chase scenes, and mild injuries, such as cuts and bruises. There is also some moderate language, including insults, name-calling, and mild swear words.

Some scenes may be intense for young viewers, including moments of peril, suspense, and danger. There are some mild references to adult themes, such as drinking and smoking. The movie features some scenes that involve guns, but there is no graphic violence or blood.

'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

The advisory note for ‘The Sleepover’ recommends parental guidance for children under 13 years old. Parents may want to watch the movie first or watch it together with their children, as some scenes may require explanation or context.

Parents should consider the maturity level of their children before deciding whether to allow them to watch ‘The Sleepover.’ Some kids may find the movie scary or unsettling, while others may be able to handle the content without issues.

Talking Points and Discussion Topics

After watching ‘The Sleepover,’ there may be certain themes or situations that your family will want to explore further. Here are some talking points and discussion topics that can help facilitate meaningful conversations:

  1. The importance of trust: The movie shows how trust can be easily broken, but also how it can be rebuilt. Ask your children how they define trust, and how they would feel if someone broke their trust.
  2. The value of family: ‘The Sleepover’ is ultimately a story about a family banding together to overcome challenges. Discuss with your children what family means to them, and how they can support and rely on each other in difficult times.
  3. Gender roles and stereotypes: The movie challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes, especially with the character Clancy, who defies expectations and proves herself to be more capable than some of the male characters. Ask your children if they have ever felt pressured to conform to gender stereotypes, and how they can break free from these expectations.
  4. The consequences of lying: The characters in ‘The Sleepover’ keep secrets and tell lies, which leads to complications and danger. Talk to your children about the importance of honesty and the potential consequences of lying.
  5. The thrill of adventure: ‘The Sleepover’ is a fun, action-packed adventure that may inspire a sense of excitement and curiosity in your children. Ask them about their own sense of adventure, and how they can explore the world around them safely and responsibly.
'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

These are just a few examples of the many talking points and discussion topics that can arise from watching ‘The Sleepover.’ Use this opportunity to connect with your children, learn more about their perspectives, and encourage open and honest communication within your family.

Reviews and Reactions

What are people saying about ‘The Sleepover’? Here’s a roundup of reviews and audience reactions:

“If you need a fun family movie, ‘The Sleepover’ is a perfect choice. It’s full of action and adventure, and there’s a great message about the importance of family.” – Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media gave ‘The Sleepover’ a rating of 3/5, recommending it for ages 10 and up. They note that the movie has some language, violence, and suggestive content, but overall it’s a fun and entertaining watch.

“‘The Sleepover’ is a rollicking adventure that has a good blend of action, comedy, and family drama.” – Decider

Decider also enjoyed ‘The Sleepover,’ praising the cast and the movie’s ability to balance multiple genres. They note that while some of the plot may be predictable, it’s still a fun ride.

“It’s a harmless film, but it also doesn’t really do anything particularly well. Faint praise, but praise nonetheless.” – Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times wasn’t as impressed with ‘The Sleepover,’ calling it a “harmless” film that doesn’t stand out in any particular way. However, they note that it’s a decent option for a family movie night.

As for audience reactions, reviews on social media have been largely positive. Many viewers appreciate the movie’s humor, action, and the bond between the siblings. Some parents also appreciate that ‘The Sleepover’ has a diverse cast and a strong female lead.

'The Sleepover' Age Rating
‘The Sleepover’ Age Rating

Overall, ‘The Sleepover’ seems to be a hit with families looking for a fun, action-packed movie to watch together.


After reviewing the information presented in this article, parents can make an informed decision about whether to allow their children to watch ‘The Sleepover’. By understanding the movie’s age rating, plot, content warnings, and potential discussion topics, parents can weigh the risks and benefits and determine what is appropriate for their family.

While the MPAA rating and Common Sense Media rating provide useful guidance, parents should also consider their own family values and the maturity level of their children. If there are any specific content warnings or advisory notes associated with the movie, parents should pay close attention to them and exercise caution.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, ‘The Sleepover’ is a fun and engaging movie that can be enjoyed by families of different ages and backgrounds. However, it’s important for parents to be aware of any potential risks and to discuss the movie with their children, both before and after viewing it. By fostering open communication and a healthy media diet, parents can help their children develop critical thinking skills and make responsible choices in the future.

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